The Power of Tai Chi Chuan

An introduction to the Benefits of Health, Self-Defence and Personal Development

Are you stressed with the break neck speed of today’s life?

Well Tai Chi Chuan is the ‘breath of fresh air’ that can help you achieve long term health and happiness.

Practiced by millions around the world and yet still shrouded in mystery. This book sheds light on the topic in straightforward and easy language. Inside you’ll find…

1. The 3 Big Benefits of Tai Chi Chuan
2. How to Find a Great Instructor
3. Inspiring Case Studies

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Insert title of Book


If you are starting out on your Tai Chi journey, this book could save you years of training time. Intermediate practitioners, you can increase the clarity, focus and benefits of your practice.

What this book teaches

There are many benefits to training Tai Chi Chuan, for example: health, vitality, self-defence skills, stress relief, personal cultivation and more…

Yet to have success in your training you must have a clear picture of the art. You need understand the depth and scope of the art; you need to be able to tell the difference between good and bad Tai Chi and also how to find a qualified Instructor. That is just some of what you’ll find in this book.

The six most important tips you’ll learn

  1. What is Tai Chi Chuan? A gentle dance or dynamic exercise, moving meditation or martial art? Find out once and for all with the clear definitions given in this book.
  2. Myth Busting: Tai Chi Chuan is always slow. There is no science behind Tai Chi. Tai Chi is a martial art. Are these myths true or false? Find out inside.
  3. Why you should start training now. The 3 big reasons to train Tai Chi Chuan explained in detail in a fun and entertaining way. Finally, you can get crystal clear on the benefits that await you.
  4. How to find a Master. There are a vast range of teachers out there, from the totally un-qualified to the high level instructor, but how can a layman tell the difference? A method to tell good teachers from bad is now yours.
  5. Fun stuff for you to try. Some essential Tai Chi Chuan patterns for you to try out. The patterns are simple and easy and will leave you feeling calm and collected.
  6. Real World Case studies. Compelling examples of people changing their lives with Tai Chi Chuan. People who have overcome anxiety, gained health and vitality, and developed inner peace from their training.

Sample Pages

  • Illustrations highlighting the difference between Tai Chi Chuan and Tai Chi Dance
  • Page showing the scientific evidence of Tai Chi Chuan as a powerful health practice
  • An image showing the 3 big benefits of Tai Chi Chuan training
  • The golden formula for training success
  • Easy and powerful exercises for you to try
  • Compelling case studies from people changing their lives with Tai Chi Chuan


If you are starting out on your Tai Chi journey, this book could save you years of training time. If you are an Intermediate practitioner, you can increase the clarity, focus and benefits of your practice.

Praise for the Author

Robin is an excellent Tai Chi Chuan teacher and in this book Robin will outline how Tai Chi Chuan is practiced as an internal martial art, and detail all its wonderful benefits.

Wong Kiew Kit, Grandmaster, Shaolin Wahnam International, Kedah, Malaysia

I first time I met Robin was around 10 years ago on an instructor training course. Over the years Robin’s dedication and focus on Tai Chi Chuan has really stood out. The depth of his love for the art is visible. I have seen him teach. He is passionate and clear in his teaching and his students benefit a great deal from this.

Sifu Kai Uwe Jettkandt "International Martial Arts Hall of Fame Inductee" Frankfurt, Germany

Robin Gamble is one of the best young Tai Chi Chuan teachers in the world today. He understands both the ancient depths and the modern cutting edge applications of this magnificent Art. I can't recommend his new book The Power of Tai Chi Chuan highly enough

A. G. Cusick, Shaolin Qigong Instructor and Author

I’ve known Robin for many years and he is one of the absolute best Tai Chi Chuan experts that I've met in all my travels. On top of that, he's also an all-around great guy and a gentleman. If you want to understand why to take up Tai Chi Chuan, this book will set you on the right path

Sifu Anthony Korhais, Founder of Flowing Zen, Florida, U.S.A.

The Author

Robin Gamble
Robin Gamble
Published Author

Robin Gamble’s passion is to help people achieve a more balanced, focused and harmonious way of living.

He has trained intensely in Tai Chi Chuan for the past 15 years, having lived in and travelled throughout China looking for Masters. He has competed on a regional national and international level, which included full contact fighting.

He writes a regular blog and teaches internationally, running workshops throughout South East Asia and Europe. He has taught a wide range of people ranging from University Students to Corporate Executives.

Presently he resides in Southern Thailand with his beautiful wife and kids.

“Seeing participants in my workshops re-energize, re-focus and gain tactics for life and work, is a source of great joy for me, it’s my life’s mission to share the benefits of this amazing art with as many people as possible” www.WarriorStrategy.com

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